1. What is FRC about?

FRC®, or the FIRST Robotics Competition is a program run by FIRST to encourage high school students to learn about science, technology and mathematics. Our team’s workshop is at 3A Macquarie Ave, Hillcrest SA 5086 , where we build our robots and where the majority of our training occurs. Training also occurs at UniSA and University of Adelaide campuses where academic mentors provide valuable training that is part of your child’s membership of RoboRoos. During the six-week build season that starts in January meetings are frequently held to ensure we have a robot ready for competition. Outside of this period team meetings are monthly.

2. What is the time and effort commitment required of parents? Meetings, driving, travelling.

Just about everyone involved with the team is expected to help somehow but at the end of the day it is up to you. Time put in can range from checking emails once a week to once a day all the way to being one of our subgroup’s mentors, any help is appreciated.

As our team is a community team we don’t have a school base and meetings are held at member’s houses, our workshop or at UniSA. During build season meetings are held multiple times a week, but during the off-season it is once or twice a month.

When travelling to competition it is a requirement that each student is accompanied by at least one of their parents/guardians.

3. What will the students learn?

A student on our team can learn a variety of skills including:

  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Teamwork
  • How to solder, weld, construct
  • Public speaking
  • Speech writing
  • Management skills
  • Design ( in terms of building a robot)
  • Safety in a workplace
  • Media

However it is hard to list everything that can be learnt as there is so much involved with being on an FRC team.

4. What does it cost?

Yearly membership is $475 for new members (or $325 for returning members) and provides access to training by academics and industry mentors to enable students to design and build a competitive robot in the six-week build season. Membership fees and sponsorship covers team registration and competition entry, insurance and parts required to build a new robot each year.

5. What are the age requirements?

The age range for FRC participants is high/secondary school students.

How do I get started?

You can contact us at any time through roboroos@roboroos.org.au