2018 FRC BuildWe’re a community group, a FIRST® Robotics Team and so much more – including South Australia’s first FRC team.

The team’s purpose is to excite young minds about STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), by using a common interest: Robots.

As part of this, students get real industry experience, with help and guidance from dedicated industry professionals as mentors. It circumvents the age-old circle of being unable to get a job due to lack of experience.

Part of our ethos is to maintain a gender balance, which we continue to strive for and achieve.


Our students come from varying backgrounds, and varying schools across Adelaide. All that’s common all the team members is a passion for robotics and learning – that’s the foundation of what’s needed to successful in the team. If you’re willing to learn, there’s always someone willing to teach.


We have two FLL teams and one FRC team, both of which have competed at international and national levels. Our FRC team has also competed in Hawaii, and taken on the world’s best at the world championships in St. Louis.

The existence of the team is due to and relies on the FIRST® competitions that we compete in, however, the ethos of the team is our own, but aligns closely with that of FIRST®’s.

Reaping Rewards

Students get more than real industry experience – much more. Not only do they get to learn valuable industry-related skills such as programming, CAD (Computer Aided Design), and the use of power tools, but the social aspect is quite possibly FIRST®’s best kept secret.

In the case of FRC, students spend 6 weeks building a robot as a team, before heading off to the competitions, where maintenance must be carried out under high pressure in the short windows of time between matches. In both FLL and FRC, teams and individuals have a chance to mingle in the team pit area, which often results in many new friends from all corners of the globe.

But there are other skills to be learnt too. Teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills are among some of the more important life skills that RoboRoos students pick up.