Get InvolvedWe offer many different ways for you to get involved with FIRST®. Even if you aren’t in Adelaide, there’s plenty of other places to get involved.

Join the Team

We’re always recruiting – apply now! You can be a mentor or a student in FLL and/or FRC, depending on your eligibility.

If you would like to simply volunteer, we suggest you take on a mentor role. You don’t have to be there in person – we also welcome “online mentors” who interact via email. Mentors will have less of a workload than students, but either way, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Start Your Own Team

If you have a lot of people who are motivated, then we encourage you to start your own team. Part of FIRST®’s mission is community outreach, and we’re more than willing to assist you in creating your own team – we would not be where we are today without FRC Team 3132. This is a competition after all – what’s a competition without competitors?

If you would like us to help out, please let us know.

Sponsor Us

Our team is a community team. We are primarily funded through generous sponsors. As a nonprofit, you can be assured that your valuable contribution will go to a good cause. But it’s more than money that we need – in-kind sponsorship is also very welcome. We are always in need of people with engineering knowledge as well as materials for building the robot.

As a thank you for your support, we put your company logo on our robot and team shirts, and can work with you if you have any other favors you’d like, such as doing company presentations or writing blog posts.

Contact Us


Ali_tapeWe Visit Schools

We’ll visit your school and teach the students (and maybe the teachers too) about how much fun science, technology, engineering and mathematics can be. And who knows, we might even pick up some students from your school, and they could be travelling the world, representing your school, our state, and our country!

Our outreach team is currently working on this program. You can stay in-the-loop with a subscription.


Our schools program is part of our extensive outreach program. As a team that is community based, we are always looking to give back and share with you, the community. Our outreach scope includes media coverage, public events (e.g. Science Alive) and a targeted approach (such as the schools program) – there’s plenty of ways to get involved!

If you would like to feature us or put us in contact with someone, please see our contact form. Please be aware of school term dates, as these may impact our availability (but not always).

Remember, you can ask us (almost) anything here!