[PDF] Student Robotics Club of South Australia Incorporated Club Constitution
Updated Version Issued 2014

[PDF] Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct

[Slides] Child Safe Environments

[PDF] Club Media Consent and Release Agreement

[PDF] Data Protection and Information Security Policy

[PDF] FIRST FRC Team Safety Manual

[Video] FIRST Youth Protection Program

[Website] US FIRST

[Website] FIRST Australia

[Website] The Blue Alliance

[Website] How to Apply For A Police Check

[Website] How to Apply for A DCSI Working With Children Clearance
This form is for completion by all paid employees, volunteers and students proposing to commence or continue work in child related employment/placement.

[Website] Play By The Rules Free Training
Online training section for everyone involved in sport and recreation organisations, including: coaches, administrators, officials, players, parents and spectators.

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