If you sponsor us, you are supporting the next generation of engineers, programmers, scientists and mathematicians. You’re directly contributing to our education, in a hands-on and fun international initiative.

Not only are you supporting education, but you’re supporting Australia and helping us to represent our country – we’ve already competed at the annual World Championships. By enabling us to get recognised, you get your business recognised too – publicity drives people here, to the website, and we’re also out in the field wearing your logos! (So is the robot. Robots get all the attention).

What Do I Get?

Sponsorship Level →
↓ Benefit
Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Partnership
Branding on Team Shirts
Example (Front)
Example (Back)
Front, Prime Position Front Back, Prime Position Back
Branding (Size) on Robot
Large, Prime Position Large Medium Small
Branding on Team Banner
(displayed at events)
Extra-Large Large Medium Small
Branding on Website
(Sponsors Page)
Current Sponsors Page
Logo & Description Logo & Description Logo Logo Logo
Branding on Website
(Sponsors Bar)
Example: Bottom of Page
Large Medium Small
Social Media Recognition Facebook & Twitter Twitter

If we have advertising space available, we may provide benefits corresponding to a higher level of sponsorship, or provide additional benefits not listed here.

This will occur at our discretion and any such benefits may be revoked at any time without notice.

Ali+EmilyHow long do I receive these benefits for?

It depends on when you commence sponsorship.

  • The first half of the year* comprises of the build season (where we build the robot) and the competition season (we generally attend 2-3).
  • The second half [of the year]* is known as the “off” season, during which we pursue sponsorship and focus on outreach.

We guarantee your benefits for one season of competitons^ and one off season, after which your benefits will expire on January 1 (one) the following year.

This implies the following:

  • If you join us prior to the competition season (but during the first half of the year) in a year, you receive less than 12 months of sponsorship.
  • If you join us during the off season, we offer the remainder of that off season as a bonus.
  • If you join us during the competition season, you will receive a maximum 18 months of benefits at the commencement of the off season.

We encourage and prefer multi-year (generally 3 or 5 year) agreements! The benefits will still be determined on a per-year basis.

* The official dates vary slightly from year to year, so for the purposes of sponsorship, we consider January 1 (one) and July 1 (one) to commence their respective halves.

^ Due to print times, our competition season actually commences prior to our first event. This also varies from year to year, so cut off times may be as early as February.

What about in-kind sponsorship?

We evaluate the monetary value of your in-kind sponsorship, and rank you accordingly.

Still not convinced?

We do presentations! Contact us or drop us a line at roboroos@roboroos.org.au

(If you are convinced, please contact us at either of those links, too).