Are you mentor material? We need you … (please)

A key part of the FRC is the coaching and encouragement of the students. If you are interested in sharing your skills and knowledge then read on …

Who am I mentoring?

The RoboRoos are a student robotics team which competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition; we are a nonprofit community team with students from many schools around Adelaide.

What does the team do?

FRC® teams are given six weeks to design, build and program robots to compete in alliances. Although the robot is a big part of what we do it is not the only thing – the team also runs presentations, visits schools, runs workshops to educate members, designs t-shirt’s and a team website, manages social media, all whilst seeking supporters for funding and in kind support and managing the team itself.

What would I be helping with?

There are a wide variety of aspects ranging from design, CAD, mechanical, programming to writing essays, using an angle grinder, engaging with supporters and sponsors. If you have any skill in electrical, mechanical, programming (Java, C or labview), media or commercial management (such as helping to run our team or approaching businesses for sponsorship), or are even just good organization wise you will probably be able to help, and we would welcome it.

How often do I need to help?

This depends on the type of role you choose to take on, most of the technical side of things happens in the build season (six weeks starting around January 5th each year) but we try to educate students with workshops beforehand. However work can come up at different times throughout the year, and some things can be scheduled ahead of time.

Are there any costs?

Unlike student members, we do not charge our mentors as they are volunteering their time to help the students on the team.

How do I get started?

You can contact us at any time through