Week one has come and gone and the RoboRoos (4537) have been busy, busy, busy!

The team met on the day of Kick-off to watch the revealing of the 2015 season FRC game – Recycle Rush! This year, teams are working to create robots that can effectively move and stack recycling totes, bins and materials (pool noodles).

Afterwards the team got to work deciding on the type of robot we wanted. The design and CAD teams dedicated hours at UniSA to developing, scrapping and redeveloping concepts, alongside the electronics team who were busy testing parts.

A skills workshop was also held by the electronics team, who all created small blinking LED circuits. All the team were able to create the circuits, despite a couple of false starts!

We’ve now in the final design stages and well on our way to making it a reality in week 3! Well done to all the effort put in by team members, mentors and (of course) parents – a brilliant start to the season!

The FIRST Week