Theย Sydney competition was a funny and interesting event. It was the first FRC competition in Sydney and was at the Sydney Olympics Park Stadium.
It was a great way for people from different countries to see what Australia is. The competition went off really well with the practice rounds, even through we didn’t get our robot out on the field we got to see what the other robots could do.

By the second day we had 4 of our members sing the Australian national anthem. After that we took on the other robots with our robot on the field for the first time and we did really well. Not just that but we had team members walking around talking to other teams and getting an idea what their robots did.

On the third day we came 10th in the qualifiers and 5th in the quarter-finals and we wish to congratulate team 359 Hawaiian kids and their partners 4253 Taipei, TPQ, Taiwan and team 5601 Qingdao Easter Sea Team.

Sydney Comp